“ok” and “okay” sound different in my head

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i wonder how people describe me when they’re talking about me to someone who’s never met me

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”if u like someone just tell them!!” yeah sure goodbye

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All I fucking want is you
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i am so jealous of all the people who are comfortable with who they are physically and mentally

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my ex got mad on facebook when he found out i was seeing someone else and he wrote “i hope he likes your loose pussy” so i commented back and wrote “my vagina is a muscle that will go back to the same size after sex. your penis will never get any bigger.” and now he is messaging me saying “delete that comment now”

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*sunlight hits your laptop screen*


every piece of dust in the world

it’s here

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"don’t complain, I have it worse than you"


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i hı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ate when there’s something on your screen

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i didn’t do a single thing i was supposed to over break


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