can i apologize in advance for basically everything i will ever do

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i fucking swear the fandom needs to start a petition to ensure that jensen gets the impala once supernatural has finished

we can’t forget misha getting the trench coat

and jared already got a wife out of the deal so he’s good

mark should get to keep hell

I’m not even gonna argue with that. ^^

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One year.
525,600 minutes.
525,000 moments so dear.
Probably the most amazing gif I have ever seen.
This is beyond perfect.
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I made an old lady blush today at work because she ordered two senior coffees and I said “SENIOR ? I’m sorry miss, i’m going to have to ask to see some ID.” and she covered her mouth and went “Oh dear me” and couldn’t stop smiling

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man this has been the worst life of my life

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how does one turn their emotions off

Okay so first go to settings

I’m a fucking idiot I thought that said emojis at first

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You may think that your only choices are to swallow your anger or throw it in someone’s face. But there is a third option; you can just let it go. And only when you do that is it really gone, and you can move forward.
Ted Mosby, HIMYM (via psych-facts)
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